Are Hcg Diet Drops for Quick Weight Loss Safe and Effective?

Many people will say that quick weight loss may not be safe for people. This is true for many diets because the rapid weight loss may just be water weight or “crash diets” that are often harmful. However when using the HCG protocol your body is consuming the fat that was stored and along with the fat that was stored you also have the vitamin and nutrition value that is being consumed as well. We strongly recommend that you diet under doctor supervision- and in this case monitor your food consumption carefully. The HCG protocol was designed specifically for safe rapid weight loss and has stood the test of time by being around more than 50 years. It is used in weight loss clinics around the world and continues to be one of the most effective weight loss alternatives outside of surgery.

The biggest concern people have in rapid weight loss is the lack of nutrition your body will receive on a very low calorie diet. Since your body stores nutrients with fat- as you consume stored fat your body receives the nutrition it needs to function. Because this diet has a regular intake of protein you will not experience side effects like hair loss or muscle loss.

Another argument people will make against rapid weight loss is that you will quickly put the weight back on. While using HCG your hypothalamus is being “reset” to adjust the amount of food your body thinks it needs to be “full”. This is done by several methods. While practicing healthy eating habits while on the diet, your body will start to want healthier foods and you will be less satisfied by the foods that caused you to gain the weight in the first place.

As with all diets and lifestyles- if you don’t continue healthy eating habits you will definitely regain weight that you lost. While on the diet you are retraining your body to crave healthier foods and continue to moderate the amount of food you take in. A healthy diet will help you establish safe nourishing eating habits for the long term and you should be able to continue normal eating habits without excessive weight gain.