How does HCG Diet Drop Help in Reducing the Weight ?

In order to understand how the HCG Diet Drops assist your body in reducing weight, you first must understand how your body stores fat. The Human body organizes the fat in two primary fashions.

The first is visceral fat storage- this type of fat is used by the body for short term use. For instance- if you are working out and you have burned up all of immediate source of energy (food eaten recently) then  your body turns toward the visceral fat stores to “grab a quick” energy boost because your liver can process this type of fat easily.This type of fat is often stored in the abdomen and is rarely found elsewhere in the body.

The second type of fat is “secondary” or “long term” fat storage and is called Subcutaneous fat, and up to 90% of your body fat is Subcutaneous fat (in women more than men as men tend to store more fat as Visceral- in the abdomen). This is the fat that is stored in fat cells throughout your body. It’s used to cushion bones and muscles, and depending on your sex- it causes the “pear” shape in women and the “apple” shape in men.   Our bodies don’t produce more “fat cells” (except in rare situations) they simply expand to allow for more storage as we gain weight.

Weight Reduction by HCG
Now- to tie this all together we need to understand one more amazing part of the Human body- the Hypothalamus. This almond size part of your brain controls your sleep, thirst, body temperature, fatigue, hunger, and fat storage. Because this part of your brain has the road map on where your body fat is stored- by communicating with your hypothalamus you can retrieve the stored fat and utilize it for energy.Dr. Simeons during his research between 1931-1954 discovered the connection between the production of HCG in the body and retrieval of fat stores. This occurred as Dr. Simeons noted on malnourished women during pregnancy when their bodies naturally produced HCG. The HCG was released by the hypothalamus to retrieve stored Subcutaneous fat and utilize it for energy during periods of malnourishment.

In later research on obesity, Dr. Simeons was able to utilize the HCG hormone to trigger the fat retrieval and consumption of stored fat by “artificially” recreating a malnourishment among obese patients. The results were amazing as noted in his manuscript “Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity”.

Because of Dr. Simeons research people have been able to shed unwanted fat very quickly using the simple, yet very effective HCG Diet Drops. The “Protocol” or diet as outlined by Dr. Simeons comes with every order of HCG Diet Drops. We are committed to helping you lose those unwanted pounds and have helped thousands of people reach their weight loss goals. We provide support over email, chat or telephone. To start on the path of achieving your goals order your HCG Diet Drops today!